The US, the Mideast, and the repeating historical cycle

You know, funny things (in the "disturbing" sense, not the "ha ha" sense) happen when the US starts getting involved in the Middle East.

US meddling in Iran, in the form of a CIA coup, led to the overthrow of a moderate secular leader and his replacement by a brutal secular leader, who was in turn deposed by religious hard-liners. Said religious hard-liners are now part of the US's "axis of evil".

US meddling in Lebanon, in the form of military intervention aimed at supporting Israel's invasion and occupation of that country, helped give rise to a hard-line religious guerilla organization. Said hard-line religious guerilla organization is now described (preposterously) as being part of the "A-team of terrorists".

And now, US meddling in Iraq has deposed a brutal secular leader (whose career previous US meddling helped launch)... and might lead to religious hard-liners taking control.

You would think that the rocket scientists in charge of US foreign policy might notice a pattern after a while.

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