Two more dead US soldiers; Baghdad police HQ bombed

Another car bomb in Iraq, this time at Baghdad's police HQ. At least one person was killed. A Reuters report speculates that the target may have been a high-profile police officer who is helping the Americans. It would fit the pattern of attacks aimed at parties collaborating with the US occupational authority.

Meanwhile, US soldiers dying in Iraq has become so commonplace that one has to scroll to the bottom of news articles to find out the details. Two more were killed when their vehicle ran over a landmine near Baghdad.

I'm no lawyer - but aren't criminal negligence and reckless behavior leading to the deaths of people punishable crimes under US law? If that is the case, Bush and his cronies should now be facing 146 counts - and that's just for the US soldiers who have been killed since the "end of major combat operations" on 1 May.

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