The US unveils the master plan for Iraq. We know all of Washington is together on this one.

The reaction in two key places is whats going to count. 1) European elites. 2) Ordinary Iraqis. I think its a fair bet that ordinary Iraqis aren't going to be happy. Whats up in the air is how this will be pitched in Europe.

Will GWB & co. be able to convince the greedy Europeans that their companies will get a fair shot in the bidding and contracts wont all go to administration cronies such as Halliburton? Will European companies push European leaders so they can be included (given the security situation)? Can the current administrations in France and Germany politically afford to reverse their position on Iraq?

This move is being taken at a very interesting time. My guess? They (Bremer et al.) want to oficially sell off Iraq before they hand it over. The bidding will be managed, and European companies will be given a stake in return for endorsement at the UN. Eventually the whole shit gets tossed to the UN (groundwork is being laid now, hastily), but I fail to see how this is going to make the Iraqis play along.

An interesting side note. The top tax rate for businesses will be 15%. Its enough to make you flashback to steve forbes and the flat tax.

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