Sharon: Apartheid Wall will be built east of Ariel

Well, I suppose that there is more going on that just Plame/Wilson and the White House. So...

Ha'aretz quotes Sharon as saying that Israel will build its Apartheid Wall east of the colony of Ariel in the West Bank. The Wall behind Ariel, however, will not be initially connected to the main stretches that have been completed or planned.

Israeli "Defence" Minister Mofaz makes it absolutely clear, though, that it will be at some point. Why? Because, to his mind, there is no difference between an Israeli colony and an Israeli city:
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, a long-standing supporter of including Ariel inside the fence, reiterated this position at the meeting. "Ariel, Kfar Sava and Ra'anana are one and the same," he said, comparing the settlement to two other [sic] bedroom communities of Tel Aviv located inside Israel. "Ariel and Kedumim must be inside the fence. This route [east of Ariel] brings 40,000 Israelis and 4,000 Palestinians" inside the fence.
Although the Bush administration supposedly opposes including Ariel on the "Israeli" side of the Apartheid Wall, Sharon said that the Israeli government would "sit with the Americans again" if any objections are raised.

Meaning that it will be built and that while Sharon expects a little bleating from the Bush administration, he understands that the US - champion of freedom around the world - will not seriously object to his plan to complete the world's largest prison.

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