September 11

Many, many other people have put up testimonials and remembrances of the September 11 attacks. The best thing I've seen is the picture gallery documenting the genuine sadness and solidarity that people around the world felt with Americans after attacks. I don't have too much to add, except that it was terrible to see 3,000 people die in the span of less than 1 hour. It is still terrible to think about.

It is also terrible to think about the 10,000 or so people who have been killed so far as a result of US aggression against Iraq, a country unconnected in any way with September 11 except through the fantasies, greed, and lies of a pack of drunk-on-power madmen (and madwomen). The people who died in New York were killed through the violence of a small group of psychotic fanatics - for what reason were these Iraqis killed?

It also terrible to think about the mostly lower-class soldiers dying in Iraq to serve the interests of these pricks and their corporate sponsors.

It is also terrible to think about the "other" September 11, in Chile in 1973, when the United States destroyed a democracy and helped set up a dictatorship that also killed over 3,000 people.

Finally, it is terrible to see Bush and his gang trampling on the few rights Americans enjoy and setting up what is increasingly looking like a police state more suitable to the Soviet Union than the US. And doing it in the name of "freedom" and in the name of all the people who died two years ago in New York and over the past six months in Iraq.

What I thought when I saw the World Trade Center collapsing was that we (not "we" as in Americans, but "we" as in citizens of the world) were in for some bad times ahead. They don't look to be over quite yet.

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