Lieberman reveals himself as a jerk

Other people in blog-o-land (Juan Cole, Abu Aardvark, Billmon) have commented on Lieberman's underhanded attack against and deliberately false characterization of Dean's stated position on the Israel-Palestine problem, i.e., that the US actually be an "honest broker" between the two sides.

I will add two things. First, Lieberman says that he has "always supported a two-state solution". But his entire attack against Dean focused on Dean's call to remove the settlements from the West Bank. Lieberman, of course, didn't bother to clarify where exactly he would like the see the Palestinians build this state he supports so much, if not in the West Bank. He'd like to see "negotiations" continue, while doing nothing to stop Israel from colonizing the little bit of the West Bank that's left. What's it going to be, Joe? You can't have it both ways.

Second, Lieberman said he wants the US to be "respected and trusted by both sides". But, seconds later, he stated that the US does not "gain strength as a negotiator if we compromise our support of Israel" - the same support that has allowed the settlements to grow and undermined Palestinian trust of the US. Which is going to be, Joe?

Full transcript of the debate.

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