Ho Hum.

Another dead GI makes the front page of CNN.

What's interesting is that the rate of fatalities seem to be slowing. Its impossible to say why. Perhaps the recent raids and killing of resistance fighters has put the Iraqis on the defensive. Perhaps the resistance is planning bigger attacks. Perhaps the fighters are in the process of switching targets to the (soft) collaborators and western support/aid workers, requiring new reconnaisance and strategy. Perhaps its meaningless.

Whats meaningful, however, is that the media seems to be reporting about how badly the war is going nonetheless. But even as things might be turning up militarily, however briefly, the media/public opinion is not siezing on the opportunity to sing "hail to the chief".

Instead, the media spectacle, the little managed, cultivated ecosystem we call public opinion in this ccountry, is rapidly becoming a more acidic environment for Bush (1,2,3). Which means the elites in this country are turning on him.

Bush will not be re-elected.

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