Former PKK calls off cease-fire with Turkey

Here we have something that might develop into a real headache for Turkey and the US, not to mention the Iraqis wishing to live in a unified, secular, democratic Iraq. It depends on how far the PKK (or KADEK, as the group is now calling itself) will be taking things against the Turkish government. It would be logical to expect that some elements of the northern Iraq Kurdish community would lend assistance to Kurdish rebels fighting Turkey (Middle East observers will certainly remember the PKK's habit of slipping into northern Iraq to escape from the Turkish army, as well as the Turkish army's habit of following them there), even though the PUK and the KDP were not on friendly terms with the PKK before Ocalan was captured (in fact, they occasionally helped Turkish soldiers in their operations).

But now that Saddam has left politics for underground broadcasting, we have a totally different situation. Perhaps one in which "Kurdistan" will not seem like so distant a possibility after all.

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