Dissent, where art thou?

You know things are bad when the wiener libertarians get one right.

Ok, so the folks at antiwar.com (wiener libertarians) are so excited about their neocon analysis. They like to point out the the neocons are really a melding of trotskyist socialism and the right wing. Or something like that.

Its not a bad analysis, except for the fact that they try to put it to work to convince people that libertarian is the way to go. But they'll learn (maybe). Anyway, so why did I bring it up, if not to poke fun at wiener libertarians?

Because of this article. Democratic centralism rears its ugly head, and how! The wiener libertarians get to do the big I told you so dance.

You gotta wonder what goes on behind the scenes, cuz fuckers like Straw and Powell toe the party line like everybody else, and shill for the war like you wouldnt believe. Here, we learn that Straw wanted Blair to hold off support for the war till after Saddam fell. Crazy! This is just what'd you'd expect of russian commit tools. It just goes to show you, Manumission had it right when he opined that Americans are the perfect Pravda readers. They are indeed, and whats a Pravda reader without a party line (and a party - the war party)?

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