Community service for Israeli army officer convicted of abusing teenager

An Israeli army officer convicted of abusing a Palestinian teenager was sentenced to 2 months of community service. The officer, one Lt. Col. Sagi, questioned the teenager at gunpoint, forced him to undress, held burning material near his genitals, and threatened to stick a bottle in his anus. Sagi, in another incident, used a non-combatant as a human shield. According to the article, a series of character witnesses testifying on Sagi's behalf described him as a "decent, moral" person.

The two or three people who read this site may remember that I had predicted that Sagi would get 45 days (in jail) for his crimes, a war crime and what would be counted as rape (threatening an unwanted sexual act) anywhere in the civilized world. Well, he got 60 days in jail, commuted to 60 days of community service. Not too far off, but it wasn't really difficult: a simple application of the old "no-Israeli-will-ever-be-really-punished-for-any-crime-against-a-Palestinian" rule.

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