CIA asks Justice Dept. to investigate White House role in Plame affair

Good news for all of you "irrational Bush-haters" out there: the CIA has asked the Department of Justice to investigate reports that the White House broke federal laws by revealing the identity of Ambassador Wilson's wife as an intelligence agent.

It will be interesting to see how the press covers this issue.

Note on Robert Novak's journalistic integrity: Novak was used like a 2 cent Kleenex by administration officials who broke the law in a drive to punish a public official who was blowing the whistle on previous law-breaking by the same administration. He should reveal his sources for his article (a "Dr. Rice" would almost certainly be one of them, I'd wager).

The request itself is interesting. Tenet almost certainly vetted it. Is he tired of allowing the CIA and himself to be used as the Bush administration's whipping boys?

(Link via The Agonist.)

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