Bush calls 70% of Americans idiots, press buries story

The US press continues to demonstrate its commitment to upholding the public interest and American democracy: only 3 of the nation's top 12 newspapers published front-page articles on Bush's admission that his administration has no evidence of Saddam's involvement in the September 11 attacks:
Of America's 12 highest-circulation daily papers, only the L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, and Dallas Morning News ran anything about it on the front page. In The New York Times, the story was relegated to page 22. USA Today: page 16. The Houston Chronicle: page 3. The San Francisco Chronicle: page 14. The Washington Post: page 18. Newsday: page 41. The New York Daily News: page 14.

The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal didn't mention it at all.
Right... the American president, after implying for a year that the Iraqi government did have a role in September 11, now comes out and tells the 70% of Americans who believed him that they were idiots... and this isn't news?

No wonder it's so hard to find out why they call him "Whistle Ass".

(Link via The Agonist.)

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