Who am I? What's my job again? Ashcroft steals Greenspan's schtick.

Ashcroft held a press conference. I note a striking similarity between Ashcroft and Greenspan soundbites. It's all a part of the post-information age (I'm coining that phrase - heh heh!). Words do indeed come out, but its difficult to say whether, taken together, they convey any information.
"We continue to develop information that leads us to believe that al Qaeda wants to continue to strike the United States," Ashcroft said Sunday.

... "The kinds of efforts that we're making, the kinds of information we're sharing with the American people, signal that we believe that there is such a potential -- but that we minimize the potential whenever we're alert."

... "I feel confident that more than 100 activities on the part of al Qaeda have been disrupted and interrupted around the world," Ashcroft said. "I don't know if I would say they are all al Qaeda. The network of terror has a changing face and there are different aspects of it and different players."

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