US recruiting ex-Saddam regime spies

Could there be any better way for the US to express its appreciation of the Iraqis' human rights, than to recruit the very same spies whose informing sent thousands to Saddam's torture chambers and mass graves? The principle of the Bush regime's war for the Iraqi people is clear in the statement of one of the officials in charge of the recruitment drive:
"Pragmatically, those are people who are potentially very useful because they have access to information, so you have to compromise on that," he said. "What we need to do is make sure they are indeed aware of the error of their ways."
Right... such high moral and ethical standards can only be admired. According to this kind of thinking, why shouldn't the US just reappoint Saddam himself as Iraqi leader - as long as he shows enough contrition, maybe a tear or two, and a promise never to do it again?

As usual, the latest American effort shows how far the Bush administration has its collective head up its collective ass. Wolfowitz, Cheney, Perle and the rest of these pricks were wonderful at sitting around during the Clinton years and coming up with bullshit pipedream plans about reshaping the Middle East. But it's clear that their talents did not extend to planning for the most rudimentary post-war necessities - like water and electricty. Most painfully clear is how little they understand the Middle East and the people living there.

Just a few points to keep in mind while waiting for this newest "plan" to go down in flames: How will the US know that their new informing mercernaries won't use the US and supply intelligence to guerillas? How will the occupation forces know that they are not being "played" or fed false information by these experienced intelligence officers whose jobs entailed lying, deception, and violation of trust?

If the US is so in the dark about what is going on in Iraq that they have to recruit these type of people to work for them, how do they intend to vet their recruits? By hiring other spies to spy on the spies?

And how will Bremer and his lackeys know that these ex-spies won't be spending their US-taypayer-funded-check to buy crack cocaine - or more and better weapons for their guerilla colleagues/friends/relatives/co-religionists/fellow pan-Arabists?

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