Note to self: fix time machine before typing press release from future.

Enjoy a blast of fresh air from Iraq, courtesy of morons at Associated Press and picked up by bigger morons at the SF Chronicle:
U.S. military reports second straight day with no American combat deaths: For a second straight day, the U.S. military reported no fatal attacks Sunday on American soldiers in Iraq.
Now, enjoy a blast of hot air from the memory hole as it swallows up the words of another moron. The sentence is flat out wrong, as you can see by this NYT piece, printed BEFORE the chronicle picked up the AP newswire. It is also potentially troubling (depending on how you read this jibberish -- we're probably taking more time to read it than this Blair wannabe at AP took to write it) if you note that it is sunday TODAY -- so 2 days haven't passed yet. You can also note that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between the US military reporting two days without deaths, and the us military NOT reporting combat deaths for two days. I'd like to see the PRESS RELEASE the US military produced, or a source the AP is willing to quote as saying there were no American combat deaths. Probably a different military source than the one used in the NYT piece which produced this information:
A homemade bomb exploded under a convoy this morning, killing two American soldiers and their interpreter, and a grenade attack Friday night left another American dead, military officials said today.
The astute reporter might note that the US military is delaying reports of their casualties and messing with the causes of death and doing other sketchy things (A GOOD READ), possibly preparing to phase out the casualty reports all together. They are also doing creative things to minimize the reports of wounded soldiers.

Update: So I called the good people at the AP. They say that they spoke to the military, which insists the Times is wrong. Then again, the Times piece cites the US military. My money is on the NYT. The story stinks anyway. Even according to CENTCOM, there was an RPG casualty Fri 10:30 PM. The article talks about 2 days. Wieners! That's not a story. Watch the CENTCOM releases, we'll see if they change the story.

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