Half-assed US-Iraq media effort fails

For all the US administration's bitching about Al Jazeera and its responsibility for all the misfortunes that the US is now facing in Iraq, its efforts to provide an alternative are simply laughable:
Last April Mr Rikabi, who had been head-hunted by the Americans, announced the overthrow of the Iraqi regime from a tent near Baghdad airport.... He then helped to recruit a team of journalists that started TV transmissions lasting up to 16 hours a day. But the channel was dogged by a lack of money and resources.

The station was provided with only three studio cameras and five portable cameras, Mr Rikabi said. For the five portable cameras, they were allowed only 10 rechargeable batteries lasting 15 minutes each.

There was also a clothing allowance for newsreaders, but only to clothe the visible top half of their bodies.
It's like the Bush administration is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole while banging its head against the wall.

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