At least 11 killed in car bombing at Jordanian embassy in Baghdad

Another feather in the cap of the US occupying force in Iraq - at least 11 killed in a car bombing at the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad (AFP article adds bits on Chalabi and some possible motivations for the attack).

I know that Mano Negra will have things to say, but here are a few bits to consider while forming ideas about this incident:

1) Something I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere - this car bombing of an embassy happens 5 years to the day after the bombings of the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. Draw your own conclusions.

2) Many people are pointing to Jordan's recent decision to grant asylum to Saddam's daughters as a possible motive for the attack. In my opinion, this could be part of it or something like the "final straw" - but it doesn't explain everything. There is a long history of uneasy relations between Iraq and Jordan. The fact that Jordan is increasingly being seen as the US's best "Arab ally" probably also played a part in the targetting of the embassy.

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