Too many believers. Is capitalism too successful as an ideology?

And could this be the beginning of an implosion? It's too brilliant! Remember Poindexter? (hes got a real wiener name) Poindexter is the wiener who was behind the terror futures idea! Here's more about John and his "job".

Anyway, as he goes down, I'd like to note that a point of agreement for BOTH the neolibs AND the neocons is a staunch belief in capitalism, ESPECIALLY the efficient market hypothesis. Which, if it were true (which it isn't - in my not-so-humble opinion) would be VALID REASONING supporting the establishment of such terror futures. And who in government today can't be classified as a neolib or a neocon (or a bizarre mix of both).

Obviously, a terror futures market isnt the only way to predict attacks, but its very interesting to see the predilection of government morons to turn to capitalism as the ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. Especially as a solution to the problems capitalism itself creates (by causing western governments to go fuck with people who happen to live on top of a certain energy-rich commodity). So, now some purveyors of capitalism in the government are going to take a beating from other purveyors of capitalism in the government because their affection for capitalism made them temporarily blind to the realities of all the terrorism hysteria that almost every purveyor of capitalism in the government got busy whipping up over the past 2 years. It always feels good to see the wieners on top go down for the right reasons (being a capitalist wiener).

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