Today's big news

Saddam's kids go down (at least, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez better hope he got the right boys). The big question: can the media make people care?

When the furor dies down, and especially if they get Saddam himself, expect the real question to finally be put to the coalition and to Bremer in particular. The real question being whether or not the resistance will abate over time or or continue to intensify! Given that the US has refused to characterize the fighters as anything but "loyalists", "holdouts", and "remnants".

Meanwhile: Blair still stewing in it. Blair and his wife stewing in it. Bush still stewing in it. Stewing (getting ideas from Blair, are you?). Stewing. Stewing. US soldiers still stewing in it. Heres some insight, thanks to Venik, on how its done with rocket propelled grenades, although the remote controlled roadside bomb is giving the RPG a run for its money.

And a side note/prediction from the author. The one thing US intelligence got right: Saddam and his crew were hated mofos, and feared too. Kill that crew, and you create a power vaccum. This won't discourage the growing resistance and insurgents (be they junior league Baathists or Shiite Islamists). Those who want to jockey for power will only see an increased opportunity in the demise of the old guard.

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