Report: First segment of Apartheid Wall will imprison 12,000 Palestinians

A report described in a Ha'aretz article found that 12,000 Palestinians will be trapped by the recently completed first segment of Israel's Apartheid Wall:
The report on the first phase of construction warns of the changes that the Defense Ministry instituted in the path of the fence in the Jenin area, including a 12-km. intrusion into Palestinian territory to include the settlements of Homesh and Mevo Dotan on the Israeli side of the fence.

The primary focus of the report is the initial Palestinian reaction to the fence. About 12,000 Palestinians in 15 villages will be imprisoned between the fence and the Green Line, and many of them will be cut off from social services, schools and their own agricultural lands – in addition to the lands confiscated from them so that the fence could be built in the first place, the report found.
But there's also a bright side to penning the Palestinians in like animals, the report found:
The report also described an entrepreneurial side effect: Business is booming along the breaks in the fence where people will be able to move between Israel and the West Bank, at crossing points such as Jalama, Taibeh and the Etzion Bloc area.
Nothing like "entrepreneurial" activity to make up for those gross human rights violations.

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