Bush and the African uranium link

Something that needs no comment. From the Independent:
...news emerged yesterday that, on the CIA's advice, Mr Bush had removed the suspect claims about an Iraq-Niger link from a speech he made in October, three months before they featured in his State of the Union address. While George Tenet, the director of the CIA, has apologised for the inclusion of the disputed intelligence in the January address, he indicated he was pressed by the White House to include the details.
The words "Africa" and "Niger" do not appear once in Bush's 2002 speech. "uranium" appears only 4 times, none in connection with a claim that Saddam had actually procured or attempted to procure any.

Perhaps one comment is in order. If nothing else happens with this whole debacle, Tenet should be removed immediately for the safety of Americans and other citizens around the world. If he is able to roll over like this for a lying pinhead like Bush, with no regard for his own person, how much of an effort can he be expected to make for the safety of others?

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