The big moron competition

Who can prove they are stupider than the US, and actually contribute additional troops to the Iraq project.

Will Japan Offer a Ray of Hope in Iraq?
Will it be Britain? Or will they get the message before the Americans do?
Will India? Or not!?!
Will Poland bring that slavic sunshine to Iraq? Of course they will.

Actually, Poland already has an advance team of a few hundred elite morons already in Iraq. First, they supported the war. Now, they agreed to send in a couple thousand troops, and to lead a motley assortment of 9000 international troops from other moron nations. On top of that, they admit that the reason they are going in is to gain "access" to Iraqi oil.

Do they think they are going to get a warm welcome? And Im not talking about the Americans, who would welcome just about an army of donkeys as long as they knew the donkeys werenet going to shoot at them. And it wouldn't hurt if those donkeys were buying $3.5 billion worth of American F16s to sweeten the deal.

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