Suicide bombing kills 16, wounds 93; Israeli army kills 7 Palestinians
More from the "holy land" to make you more cynical than you already are: a suicide bomber killed 16 people and wounded 93 in a Jerusalem bus bombing. Shortly thereafter, the Israeli army fired missiles at a car stuck in Gaza City traffic, killing two Hamas men and 5 innocent passersby. The Israeli army reportedly fired the second missile - again, at a car stuck in traffic, surrounded by many human beings they knew were not affiliated with Hamas and were just ordinary Palestinians going about their business - after people arrived on the scene to rescue survivors and put out flames from the first missile.

I'm sorry - I condemn suicide bombings against innocent civilians, but what the Israeli army did was identical to Hamas's MO. No one who has the tiniest amount of honesty and intellectual integrity can deny this. The Israeli army knew it was going to be killing innocent people, but the soldiers went ahead and fired those missiles anyway.

A day of terrorism on both sides.

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