Sharon to announce evacuation of some settlements
Ariel Sharon will announce that up to 10 illegal settlements will be evacuated, according to a report in Ha'aretz. The Israeli PM will make a statement to this effect at the Palestinian-Israeli-US summit in Aqaba on Wednesday. But this move looks dodgy at best:
Channel Two news reported Sunday that Sharon had reached a deal with the Americans under which "defense outposts" would not be evacuated, but "provocative" outposts would.

Palestinian legislator Ziad Abu Zayyad said that the Palestinians would not accept a cosmetic or token removal of settlement outposts.

"All the settlements are illegal. The issue must be addressed with frankness and credibility," Abu Zayyad said, adding that it was "quite possible that the Israeli side will begin to play around with 'dummy' settlement points that have no value whatsoever."
Sharon also reportedly declined an American request to declare an "end of occupation" at the summit. Apparently, he is no mood for jokes.

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