Report: Iran did not comply with UN nuclear obligations; Russia to send fuel to Iran
Something that will please the people advocating war against Iran: Reuters reports that an unnamed IAEA diplomat quoted a report which found that Iran did not meet its obligations under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Something that may be deliberately overlooked by said people: "The diplomat said the report also explained that the quantities were not large and that steps were being taken to bring Iran into compliance with its safeguards agreement."

Meanwhile, Russia pledged to continue helping Iran build its nuclear reactor and responded to remarks made by John "Eschatological Boy" Bolton before Congress:

[Russian Deputy Foreign Minister] Mamedov said Russia would honor an obligation to supply the Islamic republic with fuel for the unfinished reactor. But he repeated that this depended on securing a separate bilateral deal with Iran to send spent fuel back to Russia for reprocessing.

Mamedov, the foreign ministry's main official dealing with Iran, took particular umbrage at remarks by a senior State Department official who appeared on Wednesday to point a finger at Russia over Iran during a congressional committee hearing.

Calling for pressure, including sanctions and preemptive military force, to be exerted on states seeking nuclear weapons, U.S. Undersecretary of State John Bolton said the "logic of adverse consequences" should also fall on states supplying those countries -- an apparent swipe at Russia.
The "logic of adverse consequences"? Why doesn't Bolton, and the rest of the Bush regime, drop such preposterous language and just say they're going to fuck anyone who disagrees with their policies? It would be much more honest and, incidentally, reflect the amount of intellectual power that is being applied to American "diplomacy" these days.

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