Raids continue in Gaza as Israelis, Palestinians talk peace
A number of Palestinian children have been shot by Israeli soldiers in a refugee camp in Nablus over the past few days.
According to witnesses, the Israeli army has been conducting a series of nightly raids in the camp, followed up by daytime patrols that invite stone-throwing attacks from the youth of Balata. The soldiers respond with tear gas, rubber-coated and regular bullets.

The Israeli army announced yesterday that it had sealed off the refugee camp, a cramped ghetto housing some 30,000 people on the outskirts of Nablus.

Angela, a peace activist from New York who refused to give her surname for fear of arrest, said Balata had been under attack for three days.

"This is the road map on the ground. They have been arriving at 2am with hundreds of troops and breaking into houses and using human shields to search property," she said.
Meanwhile, Sharon was busy bactracking on the "road map" even before the summit in Aqaba had concluded:
In a bizarre twist, the Israeli prime minister's office issued what amounted to a clarification of his speech before he even made it by saying that when he referred to a Palestinian state he meant one that was demilitarised and that would be the only home for the Palestinian diaspora.

Mr Sharon had notably made no such qualification in his speech, apparently because the Americans told both parties to steer clear of demands about the right of Palestinian refugees to land they once owned in Israel. Mr Sharon's office also went on to say that by "viable" he meant an "interim" state.
No word on whether Sharon's office also clarified whether he means "white" when he says "black".

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