Powell, Rice stand by Iraqi WMD claims
Stand by your claaaiiim...Sorry, got carried away with my revised lyrics of the number 1 country song of all time. Looks like Powell and Rice beat me to the punch, though: they are standing 100% behind the pre-war Iraqi WMD claims. Rice went so far as to accuse those asking questions of engaging in "revisionist history".

According to Powell,
"We have no doubt whatsoever that over the last several years, they have retained such weapons or retained the capability to start up production of such weapons"
"Over the last several years"? Well, no shit, Colin. I'm sorry, no one else has doubts on that either. But in the run-up to this war, you and the rest of the gang weren't talking about "the last several years" - you were talking about the now. And you weren't talking about the "capability" of making weapons - you were talking about possession.

The charge of "revisionist history" angered the normally mild-mannered Sean-Paul of the The Agonist so much that he ran an editorial demanding a straight answer. Yeah...no more Mr. Nice Guy.

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