ALERT ALERT. Run to the hills. Stock up on Bottled Water and Duct Tape!

An Iraqi scientist is turning over a centrifuge to the Americans. A FUCKING centrifuge!!! Perhaps even a FUCKING MOBILE CENTRIFUGE. But I dont know if its mobile or not, as this is all the info I have, from CNN, where its a BREAKING FUCKING NEWS REPORT ALERT WHATEVER. Gotta get this out far and wide, before its too late (or before the French Media underground debunks it).

Focus. Breathe... This is so obviously unprecendented. Not only have they found an Iraqi scientist, but one with a centrifuge. A spinny thing. I fear a nuclear attack (or worse!) by "The Return" (Iraqi resistance group, not the movie) is imminent.

Here's the story, if you care. Dude buried this thing 12 years ago in a barrel. Its his ticket to a new life in the US. The whole thing is super sketch, expect more "miracle" finds like this as the fabricators at the DOD and CIA get desparate. The UK's Cook still has it right.

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