Jack Straw: Passing the buck and insulting intelligence

So now Jack Straw is saying that he never read the "dodgy dossier", which was commissioned by Alastair Campbell, Blair's communications director.

Right, let's get this straight...the foreign secretary of Britain, a country that was getting ready to launch unprovoked aggression against another country, did not read a government statement broadcast to the whole world making the case for the need to attack that country?

As an encore to this statement - which is really saying something - Straw said that British intelligence officials had not even checked the "dodgy dossier".

Ok, we have reached a point where, even if we assume that Bush, Rice, Blair, Straw and the rest of the clowns were honest - or even reasonably honest - they need to be gotten rid of for sheer incompetence. But as is becoming clearer and clearer, we don't need to assume any such thing. They were lying, and now the story is falling apart.

Expect real action against Bush to pick up once the British get rid of Blair.

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