IAF chief: Innocent Palestinians killed in 30% of assassination attempts

It's probably a safe guess that the actual percentage of assassination attempts in which innocent people are killed is higher than 30%. That's percentage of total assassination attempts killing innocents, not the percentage of innocent civilians killed of all people killed in assassinations. The figure would certainly be much higher in that case, as demonstrated by the instance in which 13 people were killed when the Israeli army dropped a 1-ton bomb on a Gaza apartment building to kill 1 Hamas member - an operation Sharon termed a "great success".

But remember, there musn't be any discussions that might lead one to draw "moral equivalencies" between, say, bombing a crowded city bus and bombing a crowded city apartment.

Since none of the accused are ever put on trial - even though in most cases they could have been taken alive if the Israeli army had wished - there's really no way to tell innocent from guilty. But why bring up garbage like that? Not even the US believes in "innocent until proven guilty" anymore.

In other news, settlers have established a new "outpost" in the West Bank, named Ariel. They know the hand that feeds.

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