Halliburton Iraq contracts under fire, again
Halliburton is accused of having received contracts worth much more than values previously reported for the reconstruction in Iraq.
"When the contracts are combined, the total amount that Halliburton has receieved [sic] to date for work related to Iraq is now nerly [sic] 500 million dollars," Waxman's letter to US Army Secretary Les Brownlee states.

In addition, Waxman said, the open-ended nature of some oil services contracts make the potential even greater.

One contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers has "a two year duration and a ceiling of seven billion dolalrs
[sic]," he said, while the second contract "has no ceiling at all," making the amount Halliburton could receive "virtually limitless."
Exactly how much will Halliburton get? Maybe we should wait until they file the bankruptcy papers.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, a child was run over on the ground in Iraq.

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