Getting away with murder

So the Israeli army has closed the file on Rachel Corrie's murder, which means that there will be no disciplinary action taken against anyone involved in the "incident", as Ha'aretz's reporter put it.

No one will spend even one day in jail for this cold-blooded murder. Take a look at the picture on the linked-to page. You can see the fucking bulldozer driver in the cab! He couldn't see her? Absolute bollocks.

I'm sure there will be much rejoicing around the blog-o-land tonight, which is home to some really sick, hypocritical individuals who could not hide their joy when Corrie was killed.

More on Israeli justice: an Israeli officer has been convicted of "improper behavior". What did he do?
According to the prosecution, Sagi used threating behavior while questioning the youth, the son of a wanted Fatah member, using threats, in an effort to discover the location of a machine gun hidden by his father.

During the "investigation," which was carried out without the supervision of a more senior official and in the absence of professionals from the Shin Bet security service or intelligence agencies, Sagi held a burning piece of paper near the youth's genitals, threatened to insert a bottle into his anus and said that he would shoot him.

In a separate incident, Sagi was accused of using a female foreign laborer from Senegal as a "human shield" while carrying out searches in Bethlehem.

Initially, Sagi... denied the accusations against him. His colleagues testified that his actions were a result of security needs and that the methods he used were no different to those used by IDF officers and Shin Bet professionals during the fighting.
[emphasis added].
I have heard that sticking bottles up people's asses can really improve security.

Turns out that the soldiers in this guy's battalion filed the charges against him. Sentencing is expected by late July. My guess for the sentence: 45 days.

On a lighter note: an Israeli court has prevented Arab Israelis from returning to their home village, which they had to flee in 1948. It was the fourth time their appeal has been rejected. The Israeli government's case rested, in part, on the assertion that the petitioners - again, citizens of Israel - were "Palestinian refugees" (i.e., stateless).

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