Article on the "red diaper babies"
Excellent and interesting Guardian article on the so-called "red diaper" babies, children of American communist parents.
"America is on a political course that is alarmingly similar to the McCarthy period," says Meeropol [the sone of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg]. "The prime motivating factor for the average American, according to what the media and the polls tell us, is fear. In the McCarthy period, we reacted to fear by believing that our way of life was going to be destroyed by the international communist conspiracy that was going to get us. Today, the entire Bush administration policy is founded on fear.

"If you were to go to the USA Patriot Act [an act approved by Congress and President Bush in October 2001, 'enhancing' domestic security and surveillance procedures] and plug in the word communist where the word 'terrorist' appears, you would have an act that looks very much like the McCarran Act."
A number of different stories about being very different.

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