You never know where those WMDs will turn up
Reassuring news in the hunt for WMDs - a stock of germs was located near Washington DC. It turns out, though, that the Pentagon had put them there in the 1960s and then had kind of forgot about them:
...there was no documentation about the various biological agents disposed of at the US bio-defence centre at Fort Detrick in Maryland. The Iraqi government's failure to come up with paperwork proving the destruction of its biological arsenal was portrayed by the US as evidence of deception in the run-up to the war.

The sanitation crews were shocked to find vials containing live bacteria. As well as the vaccine form of anthrax, the discarded biological agents included Brucella melitensis, which causes the virulent flu-like disease brucellosis, and klebsiella, a cause of pneumonia.
What else does the Pentagon expect to find there?
"You never know what's there until you start digging," Colonel John Ball, the Fort Detrick garrison commander told the Post. "We've generally ruled out finding a nuclear weapon."
Kind of like being on an archaeological excavation or digging for pirate gold.

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