US considering "regime change" in Iran
An ABC report, disingenuously headlined "The Iran Debate", cites Pentagon and State Department officials who are indicating that the Bush administration is now planning a covert attack on Iran to destabilize the government. The MEK, a group that the State Department has listed as a "terrorist organization", is reportedly being considered to serve as the Pentagon's shock troops in this scheme.
The office of Doug Feith, undersecretary for policy at the Department of Defense, argued that the MEK has not targeted Americans since the 1970s, which is true, and was only put on the terrorist list by the Clinton administration as a gesture to improve relations with Iran.
By this logic, the US should be recruiting Hizbollah to help it out. After all, Hizbollah hasn't targeted Americans since the 1980s. And this statement that the MEK was only put on the "terrorist" list by Clinton to appease Iran is complete garbage. Hello? It's been nearly 2 years since the Bush regime's "war on terror" started. Wouldn't that have been plenty of time to take an "ex-terrorist" group off the list?
The Pentagon argues that the MEK is disciplined, well-trained, and an effective lever against the ayatollahs, and could be renamed and placed under American clandestine guidance.
What's in a name? How about renaming the MEK the "George W. Bush Freedom Fighter Brigade"?

The main advocate for this preposterous, and dangerous, "plan" is none other than Donald "Hey-I'll-shake-hands-with-any-brutal-dictator-with-the-same-shit-eating-grin-my-face" Rumsfeld.

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