Short quits Blair's cabinet, attacks PM
About a month-and-a-half too late, Clare Short has resigned from Tony Blair's cabinet. She claimed she had been suckered by Blair into believing that the UN would have a large role in the post-war Iraq:
Ms Short said she was ashamed Britain had backed a draft UN resolution on the running of Iraq which, she said, had been drawn up in "secrecy" and without consulting Whitehall departments including her own.
Blair responded by acting dumb:
I am afraid I do not understand your point about the UN...I have always been clear that it is not a matter of the UN leading or the coalition leading. The two should work together. That is exactly what the resolution stipulates.
Like a hand in a glove.

Guardian interview with Short in which she calls for the PM to step down and accuses his advisors of having a "control freak style".

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