New MP revolt against Blair in the works
Blair is facing serious questions and possible parliamentary revolt over the ongoing failure to turn up WMDs in Iraq. The rebels are being led by Robin Cook, who resigned from Blair's cabinet prior to the war over concerns that Iraq's supposedly fearsome arsenal did not actually pose a threat.

Go get him, lads!

Incidentally, the article mentions that Blair is repeating his mantra that WMDs will eventually turn up and that they are still a priority - after Iraq's humanitarian and political reconstruction. This is all well and good, but the rationale for attacking was that these weapons were a clear danger and that they might fall into the hands of terrorists. The point was not to find these weapons after the fact to justify the invasion. If they ever existed, they are still there and are unguarded and hence are less secure and more likely to fall into bad hands than before. The fact that Bush and Blair have adopted such a carefree attitude to when, and even if, they are ever found should set off alarm bells concerning this offered rationale.

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