Iraq roundup: More on forewarnings of Iraq chaos; 2 US soldiers killed; 'Iraq may have destroyed weapons'
  • The Guardian reports that the Pentagon ignored advice that a large police force would be needed in Iraq to prevent looting.
  • AFP report on 2 US soldiers killed in guerilla attack.
  • The effort to explain the puzzling - absolutely inscrutable - lack of WMDs in Iraq continues. Reuters reports that Rumsfeld is now saying that Iraq might have destroyed all of its weapons before the war. As an added bonus, Rumsfeld treats readers to a delightful "history" lesson:
    "My personal view is that I'm still amazed at how fast it went from the Shah of Iran to the clerics, to the ayatollah," Rumsfeld said.
    It is an amazing thing about revolutions, the way they change things quickly and all.
    "Maybe we'll be favorably surprised some day that it will go back to something ... where the people of that country will have a broader voice and an opportunity to affect their lives, which clearly they're restricted from doing."
    Perhaps Rumsfeld would like to see Iran "go back" to those democratic and liberty-filled days when a US-supported autocrat sat on the throne and commanded a group like SAVAK, whose main purpose was to give Iranians a "voice" and an "opportunity" by torturing them with broken glass and electrical shocks. I'm sure many Iranians would be "favorably surprised" by that turn of events.

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