Ha'aretz interview with Galloway
Excerpts of interview with the Scottish Labour member under fire because of several issues relating to Iraq. Some passages:
Is Galloway's career finished? Sources in the local Jewish community hope so. Although they might not come out and say so directly, Galloway is considered one of the most hostile MPs to Israel, a feeling that has been driven home in dozens of speeches to Parliament since his election in 1987. An internal report of the Jewish community ["Jewish community"? The entire community came together to create this report? What does this mean? - ed.], which surveyed his actions over the years, stated: "Galloway has not publicly made anti-Semitic statements. It is clear, however, that Galloway is a staunch anti-Zionist and will continue to 'flaunt' his hate for Israel in public, without regard for the rest of the Labour Party. His current dislike of the relationship between Tony Blair and George W. Bush, and in turn, their relationship with Israel, will only go to fuel his hatred for Israel and the pro-Israel lobby in the West."

Galloway, however, denies the allegations against him in an interview with Haaretz. "I'm not against Jews," he says. "Not only do I have many Jewish friends, I have many Israeli friends. I supported the Oslo agreement. I hope that a two-state solution will emerge from the current road map, but I have no confidence it will."
Details of his background in Middle Eastern affairs.

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