Analysis of Israeli militarism in government
Ha'aretz article on the appointment of Amos Gilad, a general, as head of the new political security department in the Israeli defense ministry. According to the article,
Gilad's position on the Palestinian question is blunt and unflinching. He was always against the Oslo Accords, he gave frequent expression to his negative view of Yasser Arafat in language replete with true hatred, and he insists vehemently that Israel must not conduct negotiations under fire.

...The attitude toward the media of the individual who was appointed "national commentator" during the just-concluded Iraq war is apparent from several of his statements. "There is a pathological pattering here that is endangering the security of the state," he scolded reporters who attended his briefing ahead of the war. And in a lecture he delivered in November 2001, he said, "The media are serving terrorism, uncovering military and operational secrets, distorting reality in favor of the other side, and have no red lines."
The Israeli media serving terrorism, too? Looks like they could form a powerful "axis" with those other purveyors of journalistic "terrorism", Al Jazeera and Seymour Hersh.

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