Totally Fucked Up

Both of our readers know that this board has long pointed out the mess that we've made of Iraq. Today's news, though, reaches a new level of totally-fucked-up-ness. 50 Iraqi soldiers killed in Iraq. Execution style.

Think about it. It's one thing to drive a suicide bomb into a group of policemen and kill a few dozen. It's a whole 'nother thing to overpower and execute 50 soldiers. It doesn't matter that they were trainees. Think about how many "insurgents" must have been involved. Who were they? How did they organize? What the fuck were they armed with?

They didn't just blow up a bus with an IED. They didn't just randomly spray a crowd with machine gun fire. They stopped the busses, pulled out the occupants, lined them up and, one-by-one, shot them in the head. Certainly, as this news gets digested, it'll be blamed on al-Zarqawi—who doesn't even exist. But the truth of the matter is it's more likely Kaiser Soze or the Predator. But so long as the country is such a mess that things like this can happen, any denials that the place is totally fucked up are...well...totally fucked up.

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